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    user manual micra k12 2003

    Not sure, I would try eBay and see if anyone’s selling one on there!
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    Are sale's allowed on the forum?

    Only with the correct selling membership! :) this can be purchased here: any questions let me know.
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    Calcifer The K11 Micra

    Looking good! I wasn't much older than you when I joined, good on you for having the courage to join a normally adult dominated world!
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    Anyone struggling with a radio code?

    Good evening Sports Club, Noticing the growing amount of radio code threads I am desperate to find a solution! I have found this online, has anyone tried it? Please let me know!
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    Anything happening

    All quiet on the Northern front it seems! You'll have to pop down to see us southerners :)
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    Love this. Nice to see some Micra's getting some love on the internet.
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    Solarice's Project.

    That last reply was in 2016, you may have missed the boat!
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    Came across this....

    Some strange K11/12 hybrid going on there. Lovely artwork though!
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    The Scrubworks K11

    Great work as always Jess, glad to see you're making progress. Apologies it has taken me a while to read this, I've been rather busy!
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    The Scrubworks K11

    Welcome mate, I’ll be keeping a close eye on this ;) The forums are a wealth of knowledge, use them as much as you can!
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    1400 rally car shenanigans

    I feel your pain :D
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    Micra track car build

    Excellent thread so far Ash, Following :)
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    Ryan's Micra Blog

    I’ll see what we can do 😂 I’m tempted to bring my machine polisher, if I do I’d be happy to have a look at it for you. :)
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    JAE 2019 Stand list - post here if you're coming!

    You won’t be disappointed. It’s great :)