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    Tyre Recommendations?

    I'm not certain but I believe mine came with firestone tyres, and there's an avon pair and a michelin pair been on there as well at some point over the 12 years I've owned it Never had any problems with tyres really, it's a fairly light-weight car with a lot of the weight in the front over the...
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    wet petrol?

    Hello, back again after a long hiatus I haven't been driving regularly for some time. The last time I drove my Micra in December I noticed the fuel gauge was inaccurate. The car was driven, then parked warm, when I came back to it 2 hours later it showed I had more fuel than I had previously...
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    near-side inner sill corroded (MOT)

    Got quoted £100 to fix it so not too bad, that was a week ago I dropped it off though and they've not called yet got to be a big job so I must be getting my moneys worth
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    near-side inner sill corroded (MOT)

    Anyone have this issue? Got it as an advisory last year, car hasn't been driven all summer, taking it in again for MOT now (probably <300 miles since last MOT) Hoping it passes, anyone know what I can expect as far as cost if not? Obviously would be easier to tell if I had pictures, but a...
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    London Ultra Low Emissions Zone ULEZ

    You have a strong sense of social justice and you are completely right with what you are saying, it isn't fair. But fair isn't what makes the world turn these days. They say their policy is to save the planet, but it's a lie. Their policy is to line their own pockets and squeeze every last...
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    Coolant expansion tank question.

    You can disconnect the bottle and rinse it out, just pinch the rubber hose away from the radiator - I've seen people use soap and water and a kitchen brush once it's off, and a powerwasher attachment also If there's any sludge in the coolant system and not just the expansion tank you may have...
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    How to replace rear enigine mount k11?

    Nicely done, good work pal
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    How to replace rear enigine mount k11?

    If there's any slack in the hose, you could cut that end off and use a bit that doesn't have the dents on it, can also be easier than prising the old one off if it's completely rusted on there, or replace the whole hose You can use hose clamps (sometimes called worm-drive clamps) in some lower...
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    All dash lights come on when coming down steep hill

    Genuinely baffled, I've never heard of this happening before The only 2 things that come to mind, is something has chewed through the wiring loom somewhere, or it's some sort of a problem with the components involved in idling. When going down a hill almost all engines now will cut the fuel to...
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    All dash lights come on when coming down steep hill

    Temp being below half way when going downhill is a symptom of the radiator thermostat valve being stuck open, which means your engine is running too cold. The lights on the dashboard sounds like the car stalled while moving. This could be because of your first issue where the car has gone into...
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    The k11's are a little bit bouncy anyway because the suspension on them is so light when it's stock (for comfort) and the car itself doesn't weigh much Like NB said, failed/failing dampeners can be tested by leaning on the corner of the car and seeing how quickly it comes to rest again. It's a...
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    Fuel pump issues

    You can rule out NATS/immobiliser issues as those affect the injectors Could be blocked fuel filter? (either the in-line one or the bag filter on the pump) Could be empty with the fuel gauge not working? could also be gummed up with old-fuel? (although you'd still expect a voltage at the pump)...
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    Temperature problems...

    COuld be sticky thermostat, that's sticking closed Could also be a timing issue, mine ran hot when the timing was too advanced. 1997 has a distributor which is adjustable, the later ones don't
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    need help

    If you mean the door locks, sometimes ECU sellers include a set that matches the key (if they're breaking the car) and if not you could always just carry 2 keys to save the hassle of taking the door trims off and dealing with moisture issues since it's hard to replace the door film properly