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    Allen bolt at the back of the TB

    thanks frank
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    Allen bolt at the back of the TB

    Thanks, I thought all along setting it close had caused my plugs rich black... might have to look somewhere else what is causing the problem...
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    Allen bolt at the back of the TB

    What does the large allen bolt at the back of the throttle body do aside from lowering the idle when closed? when opened or closed does it affect gas mileage? engine performance?
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    Detailed K11 manual for download

    can't find anything about wiper motors and linkages....
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    CG10DE plugs

    thanks mate...
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    CG10DE plugs

    any body know the spark plug numbers and respective brands compatible for this engine.. thanks
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    Micra K11 misfiring

    mine have the same symptoms, with the engine shuddering pulled out the plug caps one by one and noticed cylinder 2 spark plug cap when taken out, sparks from the cap body to the engine and not to the plug... also noted no reaction on engine shudder when this plug cap is pulled out. Is there a...
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    Snapped waterpump Bolt

    tsk, one of the 5 bolts holding the water pump in place snapped... it is the one that is hardest to reach. How do you suggest I remove the broken one? engine out? this one PITA to access!