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I signed up today to try and help my daughter who bought her own first car (2004 Micra SE) at 19 two years ago with a very low mileage of 26000 and a log book to prove it. She spend another £400 the past two years to keep it running safely. Three weeks ago the dreaded red PS light came on and after being taken to an inappropriate garage that could not do any diagnostic work we are back on the drive. Please help.
alrite frank thinking of doing a engine swap in my 1994 super s . not sure which engine to do . sr20et or b16 or k20 could you give me any advice of which would be best? thanks alot
i never tried an engine swap mate, more into diesels nowadays tbh
Hi, My Dads having problems with his ps. Its just heavy to turn and seams to stick a bit in the straight ahead position most noticeably on the motorway where its hard to keep in a straight line. I disconnected the uj and it still felt stiff and sticking. I've took the column out but can find nothing obvious at fault. I wondered if you would be willing to have a look at it for us. Thanks Steve
Where are you located? But yes if your near to Birmingham.
I too have a ps problem on my Nissan k12 , you are probably sick of people asking you BUT could you please point me in the direction of what to do to get this sorted, i am relatively happy using a spanner/screwdriver and Based in Pembrokeshire,
If I can help I will. What reg year is the vehicle.
WANTED! K11 Micra in Walkden near Bolton, Lancs! Willing to pay up to £500, must be able to drive to my hubby's garage for inspection. x
Can anyone tell me how to get the wait 1 hour off my radio please I entered the wrong code and now I can’t get back to enter the right code
My dad's family come from that neck of the woods, I must do a road trip out that way soon. Me and Mrs Tornado spent a night in Galway city a year ago, that was good.
Hi my mother has a Nissan Micra 57 plate & has just had a battery replaced, comes up with code for the radio??, can anyone help please
hei frank, for a quick question, does a pre facelift 1.3 clutch assembly fit an early non pre facelift 1.0 flywheel? manufacturing year is 1994, but i measured the clutch 160mm? werent non pre facelifts supposed to be 180mm? this is wierd. hoping for a quick reply since im leaving soon to buy a new assembly lol.
the p/fl 1.0 is the only 160mm one mate
hello ,i have problem with code ,it is lost ,my car is nissan micra k12 BP234631993477,,please help me
Hi Frank, I have a post on the k11 general discussion forum in regards to my k11 cvt gearbox issue, however it hasn’t been moderated yet. Any chance that could be done. Could really do with the advice from guys that have good knowledge of micras :) cheers
hi cameron, the mods are pretty quiet on here nowadays
i am flori i have nissan micra year 2003 k12
my email is
Hello i am ok for your price concerning sc and ic have you a paypal account tell me how much to send to france
Manu scolan
What is your contact if you are interested in SC and IC etc. I will sell to you for 220 Euro. Not sure what clamps and joiners I have as I had to use some of them. Will include what I have. There is an alloy intake pipe that goes to the manifold and a brand new boost gauge I will throw in. Shop around before you decide.
I am a 16 year old guy with a 16 year old Century Green Micra K11 1.0 'Mikey' from Norfolk, UK.
Hi frank ive just been reading your guide to ignition timming on the micra 1.0 i now understand that it needs to be on the 2nd to last white notch . (2nd closest to me stood at front? ) but do i have to set my timing strobe on 15.0 advance or 0.0 (its a digital one )

Thanks tom
Hey bro. Im loving the way u modified ure car.. I just bought a black one like urz and i already have a few ideas for my lil project, but i wanted to ask u about the kit. It is very difficult for me get these parts here in seychelles and i was wondering if u can help me out with a supplier that can ship here. And also, the fog light in ure bumper, is that custom made? It looks hella dope.
Hey guys is anyone selling a SUPER S I have cash. if anyone noes of any for sale please let me know thanks.
Hello! Can you sent me a wiring diagrams k10 to email please : Best regards.
you could try it on your blue distributor wire mate
thanks frank, will check it out as soon as i can
Hi Frank. I had 1.0 Micra auto. I put instead a 1.3 engine with manual gearbox. I kept the original 1.0 auto engine wiring and the car doesnt start with the 1.3 ECU but it does start with the original automatic 1.0 ECU.
Should I change the entire engine wiring and put the 1.3 engine wiring?
The car doesn't seem to run OK with 1.0 auto ECU and 1.3 engine
there are a few nats threads on here mate
I swear I've searched 1 hour in threads and didn't find the info I need. Perhaps I cannot see the forest because of the trees :(
hello jason do you have a contact number so i can call you i have a power steering fault
I have same problem after replacing battery but I don’t have serial numbers the other posts quote. Please explain where I can get them? TY