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Hey I have a k12 1.0 2004 it has a starting fault it turns over but dose not fire if I turn key on n off a few times it then starts have checked n replaced most things ? The other thing is when your driving after about 15mins the theft light comes on dose not effect it at all has anyone else had this fault
Hello Andy,
I have to replace the flywheel for my k11 1.4 cvt 2002. I've been in several places until 1998 with code 1233145B00. Is this the same model as for my 2002?
hello how did you wire the fog light switch up? I've bought an extra stalk to put where there's a missing one but don't know where to put 2 wires into it to make it a switch.. It's got so many conector.cheers
Can anyone help me with a radio code for a Nissan micra 2009
Serial number PP-3001MB 0074055
hello all......
Im new here and Im want your help...
pls help me.... my radio is locked...
nissan MMR CD-G
7 645 389 318
BP5389 6 9260317
Can you please help me with radicode
BP 3349 4 7249954
Thanks in advance
Can you please help me with radicode
Blaupunkt- werke Gmbh
BP 3349 4 7249954
Thans in advance
How do I call you about the dashboard removal to refit the speedo bulbs. I have been told its easy but I don't trust myself as I had another k11 2002 model that ended up with blown H/G ,so this time I don't want to work on my car that much if pos: Also have a cd/radio prefitted by last owner that works but no sound, can you help ??????????
Dear member k11 spr s,

Could You please copy/move my mail to right blogg in order to make the readiness possible for everyone?!? I don't know how to make it. Sorry!
Found this red gem in Copenhagen here in DK with only 92.000 km on the clock that's around 57.000 miles so hardly newer used
Has a few scratches and some slight alignment issues, but this can all be fixed.
I do love these GB produced Nissans from this period, they are extremely reliable and the design of the front and grille which is the same as on my P11-144 is very stylish (maybe borrowed from BMW, who knows ;) )
Anybody know why my stereo isnt working or turning on checked all the wires cant find any loose or untached anyone have anymore ideas on what to try?
Check the fuses. Bottom right of steering wheel is a little hatch that covers the fuses and the diagram is on the pull off cover. You should easily be able to see if the corresponding fuse has blow by looking at it under a light.
Check all the fuses and check the earth. A Micra doesnt have a earth in the wiring so you have to make your own if a previous owner didnt do this.
Hi Ed, you seem to be the man to ask.
I am swapping out the 1L manual from my trike and fitting a 1.3 auto, both K11 engines so fitting isn’t an issue.
It’s the dreaded NATS that’s causing me a pain. The engine I am fitting is from a 97 micra with the red chip keys, is there a way round it or am I up a creak? The car is still a runner as I am trying to sort it before fitting.
Thanks, Nigel.
Do you still have your k13 dig-s. I have a nodded one as well. Is there a cold air intakenthay can be fitted as I've been advised I can't do it
Hi can someone help me I'm after a radio code for my nissan micra 57 plate the serial number is pp3001mb0005906. Thank you!
Not sure where k10 one is ,k11 is on inner wing offside, i once opened it up to clean the contacts and made work again ,saved £27 .
Can somebody please help me with my radio code :( details:
Please help me!
Anyone know where a k10 micra horn relay is. I've done the click test but still cannot find it.
I need of the radio unlock code for my micra

The details are:
Nisan no: 7645387318
I signed up today to try and help my daughter who bought her own first car (2004 Micra SE) at 19 two years ago with a very low mileage of 26000 and a log book to prove it. She spend another £400 the past two years to keep it running safely. Three weeks ago the dreaded red PS light came on and after being taken to an inappropriate garage that could not do any diagnostic work we are back on the drive. Please help.
alrite frank thinking of doing a engine swap in my 1994 super s . not sure which engine to do . sr20et or b16 or k20 could you give me any advice of which would be best? thanks alot
i never tried an engine swap mate, more into diesels nowadays tbh
Hi, My Dads having problems with his ps. Its just heavy to turn and seams to stick a bit in the straight ahead position most noticeably on the motorway where its hard to keep in a straight line. I disconnected the uj and it still felt stiff and sticking. I've took the column out but can find nothing obvious at fault. I wondered if you would be willing to have a look at it for us. Thanks Steve
Where are you located? But yes if your near to Birmingham.
I too have a ps problem on my Nissan k12 , you are probably sick of people asking you BUT could you please point me in the direction of what to do to get this sorted, i am relatively happy using a spanner/screwdriver and Based in Pembrokeshire,
If I can help I will. What reg year is the vehicle.
WANTED! K11 Micra in Walkden near Bolton, Lancs! Willing to pay up to £500, must be able to drive to my hubby's garage for inspection. x
Can anyone tell me how to get the wait 1 hour off my radio please I entered the wrong code and now I can’t get back to enter the right code
My dad's family come from that neck of the woods, I must do a road trip out that way soon. Me and Mrs Tornado spent a night in Galway city a year ago, that was good.
Hi my mother has a Nissan Micra 57 plate & has just had a battery replaced, comes up with code for the radio??, can anyone help please