Zut Alors! The MSC goes international!


Well, kind of!

To cater for the growing international presence on the site, we now have multiple languages now installed on the forums! Hopefully, as the software matures there will be more languages available, but for the time being most of the 'main' languages are covered.

The languages currently enabled on the forum are:
  • English (obviously)
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • Norwegian
Now, as these translations are provided by the community, and my French is terrible, there's no way for me to guarantee you these will be spot on 100% perfect, however they seem well-received by other people.

If anyone from these parts fancies testing them and either suggesting me some alternate translations for anything, or just has any comments, please let me know!

NB: This does not translate the posts themselves, just all the bits around them!

To enable it, simply scroll to the bottom of any page, and click on English (US):



Look forward to someone changing it to French or something and not being able to understand how to change it back. I've done that before with Windows when i changed it to Chinese!