Yes it's probably been done to death

But having just aquired a 1.6 petrol after many years of bigger diesels and a current L322 and not wanting to use this E10 crap, I'm having to use vpower at £1.60.
Is anybody else using it instead this new fandagled "wonderful" eco friendly and brilliant petrol.
My Micra is diesel, but my other cars are Petrol Suzuki's, as soon as this E10 crap was introduced is obvious that you will get lower power and MPG from this crap, e.g for paying full price at the pump (which is about 77% tax anyway) you only get 90% petrol, So I use a benzine mix which increases the Octane rating cleanes out the engine increases the power performance and gives greater MPG to cancel out this E10 crap. Happy Motoring🚙