**** yeah nissan micra

Got this as my first car, been riding motorbikes for a couple years as my commute, and man ive fallen in love with my k11, so much cool projects i can do.
got it for cheap as chips so i thought its a good car to learn mechanical skills on.

have a bit of experience working on my mortorbike so i know a thing or too about the bare minimum.
all ive done so far is wire in a radio replaced bulbs, fuses, spark plugs, oil, tyre, brake pads, rotors ect.

thinking of new paintjob and air intake, mabey a short shifter just for fun.
Other than that it could do with a suspension rebuild and a trans oil change.

cant find anything on trans oil change on the k11 manual so im taking my time figuring that out.

any advice would be apreciated, any upgrades, rebuilds or basic mantinence that could help me learn.