Yasers 228.8 bhp Daihatsu Charade Gtt track car.


Official MSC Trader
<p>This Daihatsu Charade Gtti is owned by Yaser and is something rather special to Fusion. For a start it won its class in the 2009 LMA Auto championship beating of significantly more powerful rivals. There is something to be said for its reliability which whilst not perfect was better than anyone else. Secondly we have a soft spot for unusual small capacity turbo vehicles of which this one is something of a monster.</p>
<p><img src="http://www.fusion-motorsport.co.uk/images/stories/cust/yaser/IMG_7496.JPG" border="0" alt="Yasers Car" title="Yasers Car" /></p>
<p>It first came to Fusion in July 2009 when at first on the dyno it produced just a little over 180 BHP, and had a very nasty power curve. At this time it was running a modified stock ECU with some unknown custom map on it. Clearly not upto the demands of the engine.</p>
<p>This is shown below. The blue line is how it was to begin with.</p>
<p>continued below..</p>
<p><img src="http://www.fusion-motorsport.co.uk/images/stories/cust/yaser/16072009007-1.jpg" border="0" alt="First tuning session" title="First tuning session" /></p>
<p>Our work began be removing this ECU and refitting the stock unit. Next we fitted an e-manage blue with boost sensor, ignition and fuel harnesses.</p>
<p>Back on the dyno we then remapped the new setup and achieved some astonishing improvements, as shown by the green line. Power from 5500 to 6500 rpm had increased by a staggering 20-25bhp, and this wasn't down to an increase of boost which we kept pretty much the same as you can see here:</p>
<p><img src="http://www.fusion-motorsport.co.uk/images/stories/cust/yaser/16072009009.jpg" border="0" alt="charade boost" title="charade boost" /></p>
<p>Most of the gains were found with fuelling and ignition. The fuelling changes can be seen in the graph below:</p>
<p><img src="http://www.fusion-motorsport.co.uk/images/stories/cust/yaser/16072009008.jpg" border="0" alt="charde fuelling" title="charade fuelling" /></p>
<p>Again in this graph above the blue curve is old and the green is once we had completed the tuning.</p>
<p>That completed the work we did to this car in 2009. However April 2010 we finally had the car back again for a final tune up before the first race of the 2010 season.</p>
<p>Over the winter months Yaser had made a few more changes to the car. This included flowed inlet manifold and additional cooling for the engine. So after a few checks over the car we moved onto the dyno, and below was the result:</p>
<p><img src="http://www.fusion-motorsport.co.uk/images/stories/cust/yaser/IMG_7498.JPG" border="0" alt="228hp vs boost" title="228hp vs boost" /></p>
<p>Above shows power. 228.8hp of it!! As you can see boost has also been increased slightly but really by not very much.</p>
<p><img src="http://www.fusion-motorsport.co.uk/images/stories/cust/yaser/IMG_7499.JPG" border="0" alt="power Vs AFR" title="power Vs AFR" /></p>
<p>This graph above shows power Vs Air to fuel ratio. You really cannot complain about the ability of the e-manage blue to control fuel when its possible to get a fuel curve like the one above. They really can do a good job.</p>
<p>And finally:</p>
<p><img src="http://www.fusion-motorsport.co.uk/images/stories/cust/yaser/IMG_7500.JPG" border="0" alt="wheel power vs wheel torque" title="wheel power vs wheel torque" /></p>
<p>Wheel power VS wheel torque.</p>
<p>So that brings Yasers Charade up to date with how it stands now. Make sure you come back soon to read about how this Charade does in the 2010 race season!</p>

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