Wrong fuel

I would say if you can take a pipe off at the engine end and turn on the ignition the pump should try and prime and will pump out the fuel (not tried it on a k12 so don't quote me)

Or if you can get a pipe down the filler neck and syphon it that way (it may have an anti syphon in there as most modern things do)

Or lift/pull out the rear bench seat remove the fuel tank sender cover then the big black plastic ring and pull out the sender unit and syphon from there

Of anyone else has any ideas please chime in

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Hi I put diesel I Micra 2006se petrol engine. How I can drain the fuel. Please help

As you have had to ask this question I guess improvising, adapting & overcoming motoring issues on the fly is not for you & to avoid additional unanticipated adverse outcomes may I suggest its best to leave it to your breakdown recovery service to sort it?

Good luck. :cool: