Wooden trim

Hi does anybody have the wooden trim that goes round the heater dials?
Kind regards Shaun

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Saw some of them the other day on a link from one of the businesses that advertise on here. From Japan if I recall correctly.
Have a look on the traders on the site, one of them has a link to a Japanese company that sells them.
Spotted it about 2 months ago.
There was one for a k11 on the yahoo auctions last night, probably still there

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I have one lying around some where... Msg me to remind me, once I get home today I can take a pic

Are u talking about the surround that goes over the heater dials stereo and the cig lighter area??

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Make me an offer, not sure how much they are worth, the trim had never been used still has the factory sticky tape attached to it too

I'll get a pic by the end of today or tomorrow

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