Won't Start!!! :(

Hi all,

Disaster this morning as my lovely Micra decided it didn't want to start. I got in, turned the key, the lights on the dashboard came on but were much dimmer than they usually are then it made this dreadful clicking noise when the engine check light came. The digital face that shows the clock and milometer looked like a broken calculator screen. I'm worried I've blown a fuse or something. At the weekend I changed the brake lights at the back, tested them and they seem fine and I'm concerned it might be something to do with them. I'm charging the battery right now so I hope it something to do with that.

Any help?

Ok, no problem we will help you with trouble shooting.
1) take a multimeter
2) measure the voltage on the battery when: 1) engine off 2)engine on 3)engine when you push the throttle a little bit (lets say 2000-3000rpm)

Let me know the results will you? If they are all the same, your alternator is dead.
Also with engine off measure the amperage ( current ) flowing from the negative side of the battery to see if its draining somewhere because of a short
It just seems weird that there's an electrical problem after I've changed the bulbs. I've removed the new bulbs and put the old ones back in to and left the battery charging. Hopefully thus removing the short. I might check the fuse box. Would a blown out fuse prevent the car from starting and even so which one would it be?

Thanks all
Unless you pinched a positive wire and its contacting ground or maybe your positive battery pole touching bonnet? Is the battery properly strapped down??
Oh right, well I can't imagine it has. The battery seems pretty solid and it certainly wouldn't jig about to the extent that it would touch the bonnet.
Off to the garage!

My dads heard back from the garage. They're trying new spark plugs and HT leads. They also said there was muck coming off it. Anyone know what they mean by that?


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This is a very strange story.
Why would they change the spark plugs an cables? Doesn't make sense.
I had a problem with my micra that it flooded (is that how you say it in English?)
What I did was remove the airbox cover so the engine got more are and then with some trouble it started.

But if it's still the clicking noise (and the startengine doesn't go around nicely) it's definitely the battery or the connection to the battery.
Can't you film it maybe?
Its turning over just not starting. They managed to start it at the garage. I don't know what they did ( I must stress that I'm at work and that my dad has been sorting out the car so I don't really know the full story. I'm just getting the odd bit of info!)
New info! The car starts okay and I've driven it about. However my dad noticed then when I pressed the brake pedal the sidelights lit up. My dad took out the passenger brake light bulb and they stopped lighting up. He then put another bulb in and the brake light lit up and the side lights didn't. I think this is whats been draining the battery. May have just wasted a lot of money :/