Won't start!!! Help!

Went to turn on this morning and nothing. Thought it maybe the battery so jump started it and it was OK. Left it running for a bit and then turned off. Tried to start up again and nothing. Checked the battery and it is fully charged.

When I turn the ignition I sometimes get the usual lights plus the malfunction engine indicator. They are occassionally dim and go out completely when i try to start; I also get an odd buzzing noise from behind the fuses.

The electrics seem to be playing up. For example when I try the hazzards they don't work and I get a starnge buzz. Sometimes all the elctrics work othertimes they won't.

Any ideas much appreciated?


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well it does sound like the battery. what did you check it with. a multimeter would probably show above 12v but it can't check it with load on it, i.e. starting. it needs to be checked with a load tester. to check it if you haven't got one , turn on the lights and try and start it, get someone to check if the lights go dim/off when you turn key to start. if they do, it's the battery.
Thanks for the ideas.

I tried jump starting it again but it didn't work. get the same responses. It is definietly intermittent with teh electrics but it still won't even turn over.


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The fuses clicking is your relay for your fuel pump priming up mate. The engine check light will always come on when the ignition is fully on but the engine is not started. Id check all the earthing points - sounds like it could be a bad earth.


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i say ignition fuse/contacts in the fusebox next to battery is either melted or corroded causing your problems