wiring for digital clock on pre facelift

Have installed a set of sr/si clocks into my pre facelift and got the rev counter working by wiring from pin2 on the ecu straight up to the back of the clocks as my car didnt have any of the wiring present , where can i take a wire from to get the digital clock working ?
What wire do you mean? The cluster has more than 1 wire.. Do you mean the speedo? And why not just swap in a pre facelift rev counter cluster?
If you read the post it says I have installed a set of sr/si clocks , my car being a base spec ha son wiring for the digital clock or Rev counter
My bad. Normally people refer to the digital cluster as the facelift cluster (digital odo and not analog like the pre facelift)

The clock would prolly only need a 12v power. You can grab that from the radio. I think it was the blue/black wire on the cluster side.