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Wiper blades bang around on the K12

Just got some Bosch blades, like the last pair I tried, they bang on the bottom when set to highest level.

I don't have this problem with cheap little wiper blades off eBay, but they aren't very good.

I did have the wiper mechanism repaired a few years ago (with help from the good people on this site), not sure if this is causing the problem.

Has anyone else has this problem of blades banging on the bottom when they come down at high strength?

Just tried another set of new blades but they bang at the bottom on top. Only cheap thin metal blades don't bang around, but they aren't good quality and don't work so well.
Never had a problem in the last 10 years, but when buying new Bosch blades, and other blades, find they bang around. Correct size. how do you move up a bit?

....... that guy shows you how to take your wipers off , just when you put them back on move them a bit further up the windscreen a notch or 2
I have exactly the same issue, and been told to undo the nuts on the wiper blades, move them a bit and then stick the nut back on.

unfortunatly im as weak as a kitten so im waiting for the WD40 to work its magic!

On the plus side.. Keeps you awake on long drives :D

if need be, ill take some pics of what i do and the gap i leave which stops banging