Windscreen wipers not working

Turned my wipers on this morning and they wouldn't move with the snow on them. I cleared it a bit and they moved once. I then tried again and they wouldn't move although it still sounds like the motor is working fine.

If I move them manually they feel quite loose as if the motor isn't connected or something. Any ideas what this is and if it's easy to fix?


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it sounds like you,ve dislocated a rosejoint on the wiper mech :eek: you will probably need to remove the scuttlecover and clip it back on :)


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prob what happend to me see my post if they are broke all you need to do is get a mechanic to grind off the plastic and weld on a washer :D


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wiper strut bar knuckle worn down!!!lol
wipers just went bang last night so i missed my chance to drive in the snow! anyway i rang nissan they said it would cost a hundred and 4 quid for a new set up !so i went to my local garage and he said he could repair it by grinding down the plastic and welding on a washer!!!!lol boosh! what an amazing garage only for 25 quid!lol what a saving just in case anyone else has this problem that's all you need to do . you don't need a full set up just get your local garage to do that!lol merry Christmas everyone and have a happy new year

thats from my post hope that helps :D
Self repair of wiper linkage

I had a worn nylon socket resulting in the link arm from the motor to the rest of the linkage dropping off.
Remove the linkage
Find someone with a pillar drill
Drill the ball joint through the centre with a 4mm hole , I used 3 mm 3.5mm and theN 4mm.
Drill the centre of the nylon socket with a 5mm hole to allow for some lateral movement.
Reassemble using 4mm bolt with a washer on the nylon socket and then use two nuts on the underside so that one acts as a locking nut. You may have to cut the bolt to size, if it is to long it will rub on the body work of the car
I have used this method and it cost me 30p for the nuts and bolts and about 2 hours work.
The linkage is £109 + vat what a rip off. The thing should be better manufactured. This is on an 04 k12 with 78k.
So far so good
Many Thanks Nigel !!
I've done exactly as you described - except no pillar drill, but if you are careful a hand drill does fine ! A super, effect repair took me 3 hours. Wasted 5 or 6 looking round scrapyards.
Still, there's no way I'll give Nissan the £140 odd quid they wanted - what a rip-off !!
Once again - many thanks.
this might help!!!

hi, i had a similar issue took to a garage and found out it was the linkage arms plastic ball joints had failed - they wanted to charge me £££££££ to fix it - I searched the internet b4 saying yes and found the replacement kit for just the arms for alot less - ( ). took me a hour of my time to fit but have had no more issues at all - very pleased with them and that i saved .....!!!!alot!!!.....! of money too!!
Got the arms off eventually. Boiling water poured on the spindles loosened them up. I was a bit wary of doing this in case I cracked the screen with all the ice on it! I've ordered the repair clip and I'll see if it works.
Ordered the clip yesterday on Ebay and it dropped through the door this morning.

Had to remove the linkage to fit the clip, but if you have a better back than me you may not need to. Put it all back and seems to be ok. The clip just stops the ball joint popping off even if isn't fully located. For a fiver I reckon it's worth it. See how long it lasts.
Apparently the motor went in mine (few weeks back) and the garage had to get the whole kit of the local Nissan dealer which cost £145! then I'd to pay about £50 for the manpower AND add VAT on about £243!! I was expecting them to sprinkle gold dust when I first used them for what I paid!

They said usually they'd just have to replace the washer thingy cos it's a known issue but on my occasion I wasn't to be so darn lucky! Sucks ass!


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Hi, i turn on wipers on first position and and turn only once on second position thay works fine
There are three positions, first is delay position (which can be adjusted from about half a second up to about 15/20 secs), the second position is normal continuous sweep and the third position is fast continuous sweep........