windscreen replacement quotes


Steve :)
some inconsiderate prick has decided to throw a coffee cup out the window half full on driving past and left a nice crack in my windscreen its beyond repair and will need replacing, cheapest quote i got so far is £100 fitted, is this good? rang a couple of other companys and they said theyl give me a call back in the morning when the glass warehouse is open but one guy said the person who quoted me the £100 fitted he must be fitting me a 2nd hand windscreen what do you reckon? and the guy who said this about the bloke is ringing me back tomorow when hes been in contact with the glass warehouse and might be able to match the price or close to it including new trim, should i not go through with the guy who quoted £100
For my K11 Facelift I was told that a new screen fitted by Autoglass would be £320, luckily I'm fully comp so it was £50 with no hit on NCB. Mine was caused by a stone chip that just grew... and grew... and grew...


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Our screen man charges about £100 for a new screen,I paid a bit extra to have the tinted band at the top.