Window Tints

im thinking about getting my windows tinted and im not sure how im goin to do it.
was wondering what u guys think:

should i do it myself with some window film
get it done professionally somewhere???

suggestions please.


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Get it done proffesionally. It'll cost around 150 as hoodedreeper stated and normally covers a lifetime gaurantee. Doing it yourself will more than likely end in disaster lol, with bubbling etc!!


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do the rear 1/4 ones yourself (easier if you have pop out rear 1/4 windows) the get the rear one done profesinally. should only cost your between £40-£60 for the rear screen and around £20-£30 for the film for the 1/4 do it yourself jobbie. thats my plan ;)


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Auto tints just done my mates car for 160 quid. best tinting job ive seen. no bubbling anywhere. he has a huge variety of tint film aswell

Im booking up next week a think


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yea i did my work van wornt worried how it came out and it wasnt good get it done properly mine cost me 130 bu i have had 4 cars done with them so i get discount lol


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if you do end up doing it youself... dont do it in the dark... when its raining... as me and Kristian tried to do :D


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hey all just like to say well i finally got mine done and looks great.
i got them done at a place near me in lincoln(lincolnshire) called kool tints, i got back 3 limo black and ova 2 at 70% and it cost me £140 wot a bargin by the sounds of your comments lol.