Window Clips

Hi, I'm looking for a couple of the clips that hold the front window (driver's side) of a K11 to the window regulator (manual, not electric). I've reglued them to the window in the past but now the bolt has come away from the clip itself.

Any idea where I can get some from or what words I need to type into ebay to find them?

They look like this:

Hello Dom.....I think I have a couple here somewhere, I'll have a look for you.
I'm going scrappy on Tuesday, if they'll let me break the window (only way to get them off :eek:)
I'll get them then.
Best way I have found to refit the glass to them is to use double sided carpet tape, and don't over tighten the nut or it will strip out again.....cheers.
Ok DomM, had a look buddy, I've got one good one, and the other needs the nut glued back into it.
Any good mate (?)