Why can I never get the right parts.

I have a March 1999, T reg 1.0 Micra Inspiration but the problem is that whenever I buy parts for it, supplying the reg. no or chassis number. they often don't fit. The latest was an outer CV joint. where the driveshaft diameter was about 2mm less than the female side of the new CV joint. It also has 165/60 R14 tyres when I read that these were not introduced until the 2000 upgrades (A previous owner might have swapped them but they are only plain steel wheels so why do that?) . Another problem I have is that the car just failed an MOT partly because the exhaust hangers for the second cat were corroded off. I went today to the exhaust centre and they showed me on their system that the exhaust for my car shouldn't have hooks on the second cat and there should be no hanger in that position they told me to take the remnants of the bracket off and it would pass an MOT. The MOT station is insisting that if there are mounting points on the car the mount must be present and they have offered to repair the corroded part for £60.

Do we have any K11 version historians that might be able to explain why I am getting these problems?

Thanks in advance for any help.
if you google the Nissan micra k11 March, it looks like it was built in Taiwan for the Asian market.
Would explain the subtle design differences.
I had a british built 87 Capri 2ltr laser and a German built 1.6ls, Drive train parts were different on them.
The guy who fit’s my exhausts normally makes the brackets in with the price when they have corroded away

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There's no brackets mounted to the physical exhaust but there is a supplementary bracket which bolts on where the front pipe meets the mid catalyst. Over time, these are susceptible to corrosion and eventual failure.

The bracket looks like this. Part number is allegedly 20722-90J00.
The driveshaft issue is because some companies are lazy and dont check ****. The pre facelift 1.0 used thinner drive shafts. But alot of companies dont list the correct years so they list the thinner drive shafts for all 1.0 micra's. But they wont fit.

There might also be some differences if yours is a march or a micra. One being Japanese and the other one being UK. Ordering on vin should be fine then tho.