Which toffee wheel?

Gonna de-bump strip the Micra this week. Thought rather than get myself in the mess of trying other methods and failing then rushing trying to finda toffee wheel I'd just use one from the get go.

Found 2 types though and unsure which one to go for?


The first one is the kind I think most people use, but then the second one seems to be the better one what with the heat reducing grooves etc?...

I'm just wondering though, call me stupid, could the groves in the second one kind of make it more abrasive, if that makes sense, an do more damage to the paint work?

Any valuable insight/guidence greatly appreciated!...


Dr. Zoidberg
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Would also like to know this! I want to have a crack at it but it'll look even worse if I balls it up and end up with big glue stains everywhere!