Which new starter?

Newbie here.
K12, 2004, 1.2, 16V

Last winter I had problems with starting when below zero (-10). First thought it was the battery, but it didn't even help with cables to a friends car. Only after I warmed up the engine it started as normal. I had the local shop outside of town check the battery, but it was still good. They also checked cabel connecttions etc. So they thought it was the starter itself. On youtube I read that sometimes it's only the relays when the strarter is completely dead, and mine was cranking but to slow or just making a noise. So I guess it's the starter.

Today it was -1 and I had problems with cranking the starter, but the engine at least started. So now I think I need a new starter immediately.

I had a look on one page and there are many many different labels and numbers, so I really need your help here to decide what I need and which label is better quality.

I can see that the kW is ranging from 0,7-4 kW and 8-10 tooths. I suppose higher is better, but it's also a lot more expensive. What is the OEM starter? I don't need more than that I suppose. And all these different labels, which is better or worse?

What is a decent strenght, fair price and quality? And would a fair price to change it be? My local shop in town wanted 104 GBP fot just the work.

Hope someone with experience can help out soon

This is what I found with a quick search.
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Does anyone know know which is the kW for the OEM starter? How much kW do one need?

Anyone that could recommend a starter on the page I linked to?

Found a new Valeo original starter (130 GBP): https://www.autodoc.se/valeo/1080658

What do you think? And then 120 GBP for mounting.
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If i check the partnumber i dont get much info but its most likely 0.7KW and 8 tooth.
More kw is better (stronger). They prolly used Valeo as supplier for the oem starter so id just fit a new valeo one.
Thanks for the feedback. Good to know. So 0.7 would be okej even for Swedish winters, since it's OEM kW then?

I was told to measure the voltage between the battery and the starter before buying a new starter. Just to rule out that it's not bad connection that are causing the problem during the winter.

If the voltage is low between the starter cable end and the battery, I suppose that it's the cable. If I measure between the screw on the starter I supose it can be both the connection and/or the cable.

Is it somehow possible to measure the starter itself? To see if the internal connection or starter itself is working okej or not?
Yes it should be ok. You can measure the voltage on the starter. It should be the same as on the battery. If there's a big difference you need to check the connections.

You can remove the starter and bring it to a company that rebuilds them. They can check them.
You can measure the voltage on the starter.
Big thanks.
Just to be clear. When you say measure the voltage on the starter, do you mean from + on the starter and - on the battery? Or the the mounting of the starter to the car?

And if the voltage is the same as on the battery, I suppose it's something wrong inside the starter?