which 15" alloys will fit a k11? please help

Hi im Dan from chorley. im new to this site and have a micra s 1.0 2001 model and am really stuck as to where to find alloys or what im even lookin for. some people say about buyin the modified wheel nuts the tapered ones, some people say that universal alloys will fit. im really confused. please could somene tell me what sort of wheels i am looking for as in what size and the ofset size. or if someone is selling some fairly cheap around the £100 mark please let me know. thanks a lot Dan



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please search the forum please as this has been covered so many times

pcd off set is 4x100 and bore i cant remember off hand


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also offset sometimes marked as et is around 38ish, centre bore 59.1mm iirc, but pitch circle diameter just means 4 studs 100mm apart, also use proper alloy wheel nuts not the ones you use for your steel wheels as this may damage the alloy by "cutting into them" when tightened up and get some good locking wheel nut.
thanks mate, my mate says he has some 15 inchers off a clio and the pdc is the same but the bore is slighly bigger on a clio i think its 60.1 he says. they shold fit with those alloy wheel nuts right? thanks dan