Which 13" wheels fit a Pao?

I know many people are using non-stock wheels on their Pao's.
Are there any 13" wheels from any other car models that will directly swap over to the Pao -- with adequate offsets to clear unaltered fenders and wheelwells?

I have seen a lot of specially made, aftermarket 13" (and larger) wheels, but haven't seen mention of using wheels off other model cars (that might be available in the scrap yards).

Thanks for any ideas.

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These are the wheels I was trying to tell u earlier


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Tom, yah, I really like those wheels.

I'm in Kentucky, USA, and we don't ever see Micras or March's, and for sure not in our junkyards.

Maybe the closest Nissan model might be a Sentra.

I guess I better do a search by wheel bolt patterns (you say it's 4x100?), and then filter by 13 in diameters, then look what's available locally, then start experimenting with center hole and offset fitment.

I'm resisting spending $40-50 each on aftermarket wheels when $40 will get me all four wheels from a scrap yard.

Maybe someone on the forum has tried some other car model wheels?