Where to find a "rare" heater control for K12 with Air con?

I have a K12 2005 1.4 Micra sport and the heater controls have cracked facia. Also the "high" fan no longer works unless I push the switch inwards.

The car has Air Con.

There are loads of these on eBay but for some reason none of them seem to match my car. Not only do I have the Air Con button but the left hand knob has a "ball" type connection whereas nearly all the ones on EBay have a "spring" type connection.

Can anyone suggest where to get a compatible one for my car?

Thanks in advance
pic ?

is it the white knob one ?


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Hi Guys, it is not the front of the facia that I am talking about. It is the back of the heater unit.
I just dismantled the dash to get these pics. As you can see the heater wire on this model terminates with a solid metal ball. In every other one I have seen it terminates in a wound ring
I need to source one like the pics.


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What part exactly to you need.
I have a spare heater controller that was not compatible with my model micra.
If you look on one my threads it should be still available to view.
If it's different it's probably similar to the one I have. But are more then one part number as I found out later.
Its air con model..

Can't find it will have another look tomorrow.
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Have found an invoice for that item its not same cause 2008 Did not work in my 2005 so probably they are year specific.
For ref this image is the one in my 2005 Micra Urbis. I was unable to find another the same.
The one I bought is F667191S 2008 model that did not light up or work but is tested working from an ebay seller.
Something says they are year and model specific
All I wanted was the buttons.
Suggest to find a match via your heater controls part number the cables should be identical.
Post a photo of the part number if you cant find a match.


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