When it floods - best way of starting up again

Hi all,

You probably know the problem described with K11s (and i think other cars) whereby when the car is started up and moved only a very small amount, it wont start up straight away the next time.

Well - when this happens to me i just keep the key turned so it tries to turn over (can take up to 15 mins) but is there a more efficient way of doing something to start the car rather than this way?

cheers mate, if thats the only way then thats the only way, its just that I'm at work and just had to move my car a little bit and don't wanna look a tool if it doesnt start up when i go home!!

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If you push the accelerator all the way to the floor and then start it should cut off the fuelling. Turn the key and the car should start to fire. Time depends on how badly it's flooded........as soon as it fires, just come off throttle and it'll be fine.

The other option to do is remove the fuel injection fuse from the panel, so the fuel pump will be unpowered. The car will start but then run out of fuel. Replace and it should start up without a bother. Someone here will be able to tell you which fuse it is.......I haven't got my Haynes to hand.


Take the fuel pump fuse out of the fusebox, turn the car over until it starts, wait till it cuts out again, plug the fuse back in again and off you go! :)

Step by step:
  • Remove the fuel pump fuse (15A) from the fusebox (second from the top on the right column on pre facelifts)
  • Turn the engine over for about 30 seconds, or until the engine starts from the fuel remaining in the pipes
  • Turn off the engine and ignition and refit the fuse
  • Restart the engine and give it a bit of throttle. All should be fine. If it still will not start, repeat the process.
Edited brilliant - thanks very much lads - no more embarrassing moments again hopefully!!

Mine is a pre facelift K11 so i'll look for the second to the top fuse on the right hand side. nice :D:D
Or do what my friend Ollie does and drive further than you need to. Turn a 30 second drive into a 5 minute drive and everything is fine. Sure you waste a bit of petrol buts it a lot less effort.


I only usually have the problem when i need to turn the car round on our drive or something lol, I suppose I could drive around the drive for a few mins ;) hehe


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lol like you can do that at tesco car park :p

easiest way - remove the fuse and let the system run dry then prime it by turning the key and letting the fuel pump relay switch to click then start!

I fixed this issue.

I had leaking injectors.

Replaced them with some second hand injectors which werent leaking and yay. No more problems.