Wheels & Tyres....

Hey All,

I'm a newbie Nissan Micra convert :grinning:

I sold my beloved Smart car last week and picked up the Micra on Saturday just passed and I love it, but...she needs some new wheels & tyres!!

I've been looking at threads/posts about this topic and my head is spinning with what is best to get.

I would like a good set of 17" alloys if anyone can recommend a good brand and also tyres...I'm not sure of size and don't want to endure any arch rubbing etc.

Please help a damsel in distress please :laugh:



P.S. I guessing that as my Micra is a 2005 model that its a K12?
yes thats correct k17 will take 17" wheels fine and tyres are really quite wide variety.... just a decent brand will do you well well toyo t1r's are good

as long as the wheel is the correct pcd and centre bore size im sure you will be fine
Lavinia, my website shows you how to do a lot of jobs on the K12 :).

Your site is fantastic! I loved reading the info about the different models. I also like the picture of your car at RWYB at Santa Pod. I've been to Santa Pod a few times before for Bugjam and VW Action events. Thanks for the link, much appreciated. (Y)


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Glad you like it Lavinia. To be honest, most of the Micra history stuff was, ahem, 'borrowed' from Wikipedia :laugh:.
Well, I've just seen the 17's that I want for my car (Y) The guy at the wheel shop brought one outside to my car and propped it up against the side and it looked proper sweet :grinning: Now for the hard part of parting with the cash :laugh:

Best thing is that they can fit them, tyres and all, whilst I wait!! Should only take 30 minutes!! Happy days!!
Okay, so I got my 17s fitted (Y) just have to get a dry day to get a few nice pix...oh and a chance to wash the bird turd off :laugh:

She does need lowered though and that will be the next thing I do...its a work in progress (Y)