Wheel alignment

So my car too low do a wheel alignment. Cool points please. On the other side of the coil that doesn't at all help me with the actual wheel alignment. My main issue I think is to toe where with one wheel straight the other when looking down on it would stick out towards the door and turn in towards the front bumper. Also have a lot of camber due to lows which I will riot with when I adjust suspension. I used a big gauge to work out the bad wheel is about an inch out back to front but how do I adjust this? :(


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join the dots :) bear in mind that the front track is 35mm wider tho (my rear wheels have less offset so my track is parallel)

i just line up my front wheels with the back ones

Not a bad idea. No idea where to adjust at the front though. Loosen the nut at the track rod end? Then what? What's the process. Never watched or had anything to do with it before. :(


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Usually crack the nuts at either end of the track rod, then turn the threaded rod using the flats in the middle. Winding it one way or the other will increase/decrease your toe angle. It's helpful to put the wheel on some kind of swivel or low-friction plate too, so it's easier to turn.

Edit: clamp your steering wheel in the straight-ahead position unless you want the 'illegal minicab' look.