whats in a service


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anyone know what the garage doin a service for the k12?if its just oil plugs and filter can do that myself:k12white:


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oil filter
fuel filter
pollan filter
air filter
spark plugs
cheak brakes

maybe some more but i carnt remember :p


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as far as i know a lot of people service their own car, servicing at garages get you that stamp to pump your car's resale value, if you're planning to keep it for a while and got the time then do the work yourself.


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hmmm service here includes

check all levels = coolant, powersteering, brake fluid, washer fluid
check wipers
check lights
check brakes
check bearings n ball joints
check tyres + pressures
grease door locks n hinges
air filter
spark plugs
engine flush additive
drain oil
oil filter
check gearbox oil level
adjust up back brakes (this is 4 the hand brake)
fill oil

not all may apply to all garages etc...but there u got a list of the service where i am