What to do if ncvt light comes on and stays on?

I have a k11 when driving, after a few mins or sometimes a few seconds the ncvt light will come on and stay on.

Most of the time the gears select just fine . But now and then the car wont go into gear.

I have ran the self diag test and it comes back showing no fault. it does the two seconds on/off then 7 flashes

my guess is the carbon brushes have worn down? would this be correct?

can anyone link a good guide/video if possible on how to fit the delco alternator brushes the the gearbox?


P.s i have made a post about this last week and had 0 replies.. thought i would try again ..as im thinking there might be a problem with people seeing my previous post...
Hi what year and spec is your NCVT? I have a 1997 JDM Nissan March 1.3i NCVT Cabriolet and it has a electromagnetic clutch. I recently replaced the electromagnetic brushes and brush holder, check out my blog "Island Girl" it has pics and descriptions on the task! Also have you checked your transmission oil level? Please do not hesitate to ask me for more info!
Andy B-)
Thanx for the reply Andy its a 1998 1.0 shape 16v twin cam... ive just bought some delco altenator brushes to try replacing old brushes with. The fluid is ok, im just hoping the brush holder is ok:) but it has only done 86.000 miles with a lady owner so with any look it will be in good condition like the rest of the car :)

Thanx again:)

would love to give your blog a read ...but how do i find it? thanx:p
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