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What security code is needed for programming a new key

I want a spare key programmed and don't have the security code. It's a later 2008 K12, and I've seen 4 digit codes, 12 digit codes, glovebox codes,, paid for decrypter on ebay, but what is actually needed for someone to program the key.

I don't want to book it in anywhere and then find there are problems getting the security code. And I don't want to pay for an online code that's meaningless.
If it was that easy to decode a key there wouldn't be a "code". The code would be "do a Google search for the code".......... I think your only option is a Nissan dealer or a crook and both will cost a lot of money ;)
I've searched google, and all you ever find is "what's my radio code", it's not that difficult a question to what should be micra enthusiasts