What parts can i find in Scrapyards for more performance?

I’m poor.
I can’t afford performance upgrades that costs more than the car.
But i have 3 scrapyard next to my house in 5 mn walk.
Which Nissan parts i can search for more performance?
I know GA16 airfilterbox.
Is there any more?
There's probably quite a few things you can or could do but they depend on what you're trying to do with your car and what your skills are and probably how much time and or effort you want to use.

For example Frank has done a great many ghetto home built mods from scrap yard parts but he also thinks nothing (well almost...) of rebuilding an engine and probably enjoys the experimenting and development.
Uprated brakes, there are a few that fit from other cars but I can't remember which ones (sorry)

If you car has a distributor, they're worth picking up just as a replacement wear item

You might be able to make some money to buy mods by listing their parts on ebay since you have an easy time price checking, ECU's for these cars go for £40-50 (more for the pre-NATS) and scrapyards would probably sell them for £20-£30 since they're such a pain to sell (matching numbers)