What noise is this? Desperate...

Hello everyone guys!

First, I will say that I'm from Spain so, if some word or sentence is not understood, sorry.

At this time I have a Micra K11 1.3 from 1993. Since two weeks ago, I'm very disappointed with a noise what I don't know what it is... So, I recorded the sound of noise (LINK HERE), to listen and if some want/knows to help me, I will appreciate a lot. I think the sound will come from wheel arch of the site of driver.

I tried to dismount full the plastic interior of wheel arch and try to go without him, and the noise disappear. After the short track, I mounted again, and when I return, the sound did not reappear. But, the next day, the noise returns again, and I don't know why?

I revised all parts of the motor, putting Kaiflex on some parts. I have an airbox filter from Almera with air tube admision. Nothing else.

Indicate that noise is mostly around 90-110 km/h when accelerating. If I keep a rhythm you can hear but less.

Really, I'm very very disapponted with this... I don't know what can do this.

Can someone shed light on this matter, please?

Thanks very much!