What MPG or miles to the tank are you getting out of your 1.2


Long time no type, the miles per gallon on the 1.2 have dropped recently (about 100miles to the tank), beyond the usual pre oil and filter change and the winter drop.

No codes being shown, no EML nothing. Car running smoothly no isses

Spark plugs are nissin longlife (i think) OE spark plugs three years ago and less than 20k ago. Replaced air filter from hengst (metal frame one) to Mann one and no real difference even dropped some redex in a tank ago.

Any ideas before I start taking things apart to check the plugs and coils. Was thinking about looking at the MAF or throttle body but seeing as that are no running issues would there be any point?
GF is a teacher so no change from usual mileage

The car isn't fitted with longlife plugs, just the standard LFR5E-11 so was thinking of replacing the plugs as all I could get was denso plugs from GSF.
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maybe take it for a 10--20 miles blast on the motorway to clean out the cobwebs every two weeks 70 mph job