what is wrong with everyones micra

now by this i dont mean anything major. i want to know the little things that you live with jsut becuase you either cant be bothere or dont have time or doenst bother you that much. stuff like one wing mirror wont adjust etc.

mine is
paint on arches is a bit dodgy.
backbox rattles on bottom of spare wheel well
left indicator bulb is white
dash rattles
blue reverse light
grille paint a bit dodgy.

thats all i can think of now but im sure there is more. tbh i think that these little niggles are what cars are all about. if you have a long term project and feel things are going a bit slow fixing one of these can make everything seem alrite again or it reminds you that your not the best mechanic in the world or just gives your car a kind of human feel. im sure i wil be laughed at for this but ahh well


back of car vibrates when i have my subs on loud and it doesnt sound very good costs to much to get that dynamat stuff to cover the back of the car.


Timing chain rattle - how many other K11 owners put up with this? I've had it on both my K11s!

Can't really think of anything else right now though...


erm how long have u got :laugh:

vacuum pipes
heater resistor card thing
brake light
reverse light
brake disks/pads
steering wheel squeaks lol
rust on the wing
backbox is rotten
and my heatsheild on the downpipe rattles
thats it i think lol
edit again, my windows dont go up or down lol
B :edit: my crossmember is rotten aswell :laugh:


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lol, No 3rd gear, need new wingmirror (or to fix mine still) - just had a brain wave actually. and need a big front mount intercooler. and loads of rattles. But if forgive it for all its sins every time i press the accelerator.


Noisy suspension
blowing front exhaust (fixed!!)
rear backbox keeps falling off its mounts
no reverse lights
needs slight welding
ashtray keeps falling out
huge draft coming through the doors
passenger window doesnt go up properley
Passenger door card keeps coming out
Ignition barrel needs changing

Apart from that, shes a beast! lol


Heaters - not working on any setting but full (replaced resistor card, worked when i put it in but never since)
Backlight of my digtial clock doest work.
Front tyres getting worn

Thats about it.


m1ck97 said:
Heaters - not working on any setting but full (replaced resistor card, worked when i put it in but never since)
Backlight of my digtial clock doest work.
Front tyres getting worn

Thats about it.
All fixable though :) The backlight is just a 287 size bulb :)


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laquer problems in little places and back box rattles with bumper
window sometimes wont go back up
and the fact that i only have 1 key!


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nismo_k12 said:
i have a squeeky seat....cant be bothered to sort it out.
Me too mate. ####s me rite off! lol. How would you actually fix it though? like if its the springs in the seat causing it, you can't exactly take the material off.
Also radio cuts out for a second now and again, lock button on key doesnt work sometimes.


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back light of speedo at 30mph doesn't work
Timing Chain Rattle
Squeky seats
Marks on Off Side door that I need to polish out
Alienfish360 said:
back light of speedo at 30mph doesn't work
hit the limiter in 3rd and it should come on, well mine does

as for my car

heater works on full only,lived with it over a year dont bother me
passenger door lock is stiff
boot lock sometimes takes some jiggling
wipers squeek unless the blower is on hot and window is warm, odd that one

loads more


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misfire at high rpm, throttle body is the suspect tho, not fixed due to the cost.

big key scratch on the bonnet some #### did, also not fixed due to cost.

scuffed up back bumper where some1 hit it trying to park, and drove off (obviously i wasnt there at the time).

Needs t-cutting where i de-badged it, as you can still see the "micra" bit is alot more shiney.

locks r dead stiff on both doors (probs jus needs some wd-40).

Think theres a tiny bit of timing chain rattle, nothing worth even thinking about fixing tho.

all in all my cars in a good way touch wood!


Little scratches on my bonnet and little stonechips but i think if i get it done the next day i will get another stone chip!
I have a squeeky seat can't be bothered to sort it out
and the heatsheild did rattle but been fixed by West Way Nissan Stourbridge


I love Ed!!!!
Dont think anyone can beat me

only got half a engine
no interior
no ecu
dodgy wiring loom


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Apart from one annoying rattle from the locking mechanism in the passanger side door (k11) when the subwoofer level is pushed up........but its not something that can be fixed. Car is fully soundproofed now! :)

Not bad for a 12 year old K11 ;)


boot release doesnt work
heater resistor card needs replacing
crack on smoothed boot
dent on back bumper


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rust under drivers door
paint laquer is flaking off on some of the front panels
some fool sat on the bonnet with a studded belt and properly ripped off the paint and dented the bonnet with it
And its a bit standard for my liking


Hehe, might be a challenger to you Mike while still keeping a running car... Always seen my K10 as a project so live with a lot!

Top speed of 80mph with an MA12 engine
Serious steering vibration above 60mph ish
Knackered electrics
Broken front bumper side mount so bumper hangs down
Some oil leak somewhere in the engine bay
Front exhaust blowing
Middle exhaust joint blowing
Accelerator cable cable tied to carb cuz the proper bracket didn't fit
Heater linkage jammed to windscreen only
Seats desperately need recovering
1 back seat won't stay up
Rear washer not working
1 rear cluster smashed thanks to some anoymous pr***
4 rotten wheel arches including some bad filler and recurring rust
4 shocks with no oil in
4 alloys which rub on large potholes

Oh, and no cigarette lighter... :)

Got plenty to do methinks!

Btw yes it does have an MOT, passed despite the above and last month I did about a thousand miles in it with no stereo either! :D


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Kirton said:
Me too mate. ####s me rite off! lol. How would you actually fix it though? like if its the springs in the seat causing it, you can't exactly take the material off.
Also radio cuts out for a second now and again, lock button on key doesnt work sometimes.

take it back to the dealers and get them to sort it thats what im going to do some time in feb


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erm well my k10 is currently of the road SORNed because the tax ran out and i couldn't find the mot certifcate to re tax it :D
On top of that the clutch release bearing is making some nasty noises.
and the brake pedal goes down a very long way before anything happens.
The heater temp swich no longer works i only get hot air now.
Its still got damaged locks after the theft of my cd player
All will be sorted when i'm next back from uni :)



Annoying CVT program (not strictly a fault but still annoying).
Blower motor at death's door and taking the adjoining electrics with it.
Smell of WD40 from me trying to lube the blower motor (better than mouldy milk from when I put a pint in the boot).
Radio tape head burnt (scared the crap out of me, it smelled like an electrical fire).
Micra standard dodgy radio display.
Whistling CVT, seems louder than a few years ago.
Dog snot on rear windscreen, hard to see through with the sun on it.
Dog snot on other windows.
Dog fur irretrievably woven into the boot upholstery and other patches of carpet.
Mouldy milk stain in boot carpet (I ended up hosing down the wheel well).
Rear windscreen heater getting a bit dodgy and uneven.
Parcel shelf with a rubber string thingy in 2 halves, due to nephew.
Bent aerial, may be the source of high pitched whistling noise at 70mph in a crosswind, possibly due to the way I've jammed it into the socket thing.
Indecisive fuel guage (again, not a fault etc.).
Bodged blower resistor card (by me, today).

and, most insolently of all-

Symmetrical rusting on sills (as in identical patches of rust on each side).

One other thing- it's red! I hate red! (No, I didn't buy it)


rear wiper stopped working,warranty will sort it but can be botherd
Wow! you guys have a serious list going!
Horrible paint on drivers side wing where i painted it with can because i couldnt afford to get it done properly
rattling exhaust trim
Lots of rattles from the rear of the car (think thats it!)


*radio squeaks(sony mp70) too heavy my guess is.
*seat belt squeaks
*stone chips
*little dent on the o/s of the tailgate
*bonnet rubbers need replacing cos thir cheap ####


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too slow lol

seeing some of the lists make me realise that all the TLC I've given BEF has helped!
Worst things are the paint/scratches and a bad plastic welding repair by previous owner.
After this I'm sure she'll give me something to hater her for though, finally got the drivers side window to stay inthe mount after 2 months of attempts!
Only thing I can think is the lack of traction on acceleration. Also I would need a bigger amp to my subwoofer :glare:


Only thing wrong with mine is paint, my dad decided to grind down a kaliper on a vectra next to my car and covered it in grinding dust which has left orange stains all over car grr

Gunna make him sot it tho should be ok with some wet nd dry until get it sprayed:down:


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rusty wing.
scuffs on all four corners from previous lady owner not being able to park


James said:
All fixable though :) The backlight is just a 287 size bulb :)
Where can I find the bulbs? I have looked on ultraleds.co.uk but they dont do 287 size bulbs! They only have 286's. Any idea where I can get them from?


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ive just got Wing Mirrors To be Sprayed from Yellow to Red lol and ive got a gear stick rattle and the Steering Wheel isnt alligned straight (after wheel alingment) as its now a bit to the right.

Thats it :)
Re. niggly faults

Heater resistor card, squeaky off side air vent, squeaky front suspension, and all the bloody car park dents caused by reps in my works car park, they really annoy me because i can't sort them as my March is in a Japan only colour so i can't get any spray to touch it up.grr


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odd paint on all panels, dodgy paint on spoiler and splitter, airbox rattles on strutbrace......