What is this device in my ashtray - 89 Pao

Have this 89 Pao.
I noticed this electronic device stuffed in the ashtray. It lights up when the ignition is on. (See attached pix)
It has two buttons and what looks like an ON/OFF switch which does nothing.
HOWEVER, when I press the middle button, a woman's voice comes on and says something in Japanese!
Can't find it on the 89 Pao Parts catalog.

Any ideas?
Anyone else have one of these?

Yes, there is about a 3" slot that looks like it would take a very large memory card. Somehow it is wired into my sound system.
Know of any type of memory card that large?
The older ones are a lot larger like in laptops. But as large as 3" sounds to be some thing as a cartridge era. Maybe less than one gigabyte probably something none standard or known to me.
So then its like a cassette deck for an unknown memory card .

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