What Have I found That Is Not Plugged In

Hello all,

I was poking around my engine when my eye was drawn to a plug just hanging not connected to anything.

I found it hanging half way down the engine, at the back below the inlet manifold to the Right hand (Drivers) side.

Here are some pictures (First one is where is from the top not great I know, and the second is what the connector looks like when I reached down and brought it up)


Cheers guys

That's interesting, the light isn't an at all, surely if it would be disconnected it wouldn't be on, as I thought oil pressure sensors work by providing an earth thus finishing the circuit and lighting the lamp. As my oil pressure light isn't on at all, in fact that's a good point I've never seen it.

Where is Oil Pressure switch on a K11, is it down the back in some inaccessible place?


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Next to the oil filter, its easier to get to from underneath the car. It may turn out that when you plug it in the oil light stays on constantly, due to a fault with the switch. Hence why someone would disconnect it in order to sell the car. Years of watching columbo comes in useful some times :laugh:
Interesting I did jack the car up, saw the filter had a feel about couldn't find anything, I'll try and get a torch under there some time, but I suspect the connector has fallen off and they've left the cable off! Typical bodgers!
wow you been here since 2007,,,,,,,,,tell all,,:grinning:

I had a K10, that rusted and eventually the engine died in the snow early this year, shame it had been in the family since new in 87. I then longed for a little run around car, so I got the current beast in August!

Mot till May, Tax until the end of the November.
She's a K11 on a 51 plate, post facelift, 64,000 miles all for 900squids. Even had one Yokohama tyre!:laugh:

There are problems though:
Deathly rattle, I think it maybe that heat shield that runs just under the floor pan, saw it today, looks beaten up with a couple of bolts missing - engine related to noise not road speed.
Squeaking - goes away with clutch engagement, I hope its the release bearing, I was thinking I need to get lubrication to it somehow
No Horn - #### knows! need to get the multimeter on it!
Wipers - I think the motors on the way out, had to hit it to get it working again the other week! :p
Interesting brakes - permanently locking up in this wet weather, I think that it's due to one of the tyres on the front being cheap and being close to tread limits - its on the opposite side to the Yoko!!!
MAF sensor - usual problems got the torx bit on order!!