What front seat can i put on my micra ?


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i wanna change my front seat of my standard micra for a sport seat but i want to know with which car I can change them with no modification
So what seat i can make plug and play on my micra

I know can make super s seat but seat of 100 nx, primera gt or almera can go on micra ?

Sorry for my english :blush::p


I'm not familiar with other seats fitting directly, but you could always try fitting other seats to the standard micra rails. It's either that or buying custom rails. Not modifying them really limits your options


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Ferrit put Primera GT seat in my car using the original Micra rails.Back of seat was too far back so I used a 60mm packer (one of those cheapo double socket things)on the door side & made a simple extension piece of straight metal on the tunnel side.Don't forget,bigger seat = bigger weight so I'm back in a Micra seat now which seems a little low after the Primera..Ultimate lightness get a bucket seat :)


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just get a nice cheapy set of bucket seats and then angle grind them and weld em in. it doesnt take that long :D


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How much modifying do they need dude?? How much more do they weigh then standard SR ones?
well it required cutting and welding 3 of the brackets and only took a few hours. if u manage to get a set i can send you the measurements. oh and they wiegh about the same as the sr ones