what did you do to your micra today ?

Got the new micra jacked up after cleaning it yesterday
SHes clean tho im still going over the coil mounts and rear sill, take the under seal off and clean up, but of treatment and paint ,
Ad least then should get more years problem free , cause the rest is clean as , never welded, only things are a small rip in the driver's seat, two front tyres, and two dings ,
Even the stereo screen worked 90% haha


Diesel fuel on old faded flat paintwork/ bodywork is a well-known old kerbstone dealer trick followed up with Pledge or similar spray on furniture polish, to disguise the smell & brighten up rejuvenate all the surfaces quickly at marginal costs ready for selling on.

Got me out of the poo with a couple of my old leave off bangers to sell on about 40 years ago!
Happy lad,
Cleaned up.the sills, rust treated ,painted and waxoiled, brought the greys back with a heat gun and old engine oil , and went over the car ,,Ad least then it should be maintenance free for the foreseeable future , (just a few hours of work if that may add years on the car and less on your pocket )
Passed mot pretty much faultless, only minors were grease on some brake pipes , but they are clean , they were surprised at how clean it is
Since I wasn't keeping its up forsale now but was a bit of fun lol
It's been a while since driving a bone stock 1ltr , feels weird , use to the 1.3 POWER!! Haha