what did you do to your micra today ?

Finally got around to do an oil change and change the spark plugs. I live in the city with street parking so the fact that I can't just walk outside and do it in my own driveway made me postpone the oil change a bit. It's been 3000km since I bought the car so the oil change was long overdue. Spark plugs were in decent condition actually but figured I might as well replace them.

Also started cleaning the engine bay a bit and fixed my rear mud flap with some epoxy since a piece of the plastic had ripped loose around one of the screws.
got the new engine into the sport+ and got it running and moving
just got to finish it tomorrow then back to welding lol ,after a small 700ish miles in the bumblebee holiday :)
and note leaving the stereo going for 6 hours pretty loud with the boot open so i have somthing to work to slightly drained the battery :p



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Basically broke it..... clutch is slipping, oil coming out all over the place. Gearbox making horrid noises and even with a new lamda sensor the car was running soo rich it failed noise.... All in all not a great day....


I've ruined my car 🙁
I was too busy chasing the lads around the yard to take pictures. They didn't even pull it tight though so I just cut it off with a knife. They could have at least done a good job then it would have been funny

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just came home ,265 or somthing like that miles back home from london from our holiday, 588miles total and 850miles within a week lol
she did 392miles and still had 1 read bar left , not bad cosidering i went through windsor to lego land, m25 at rush hour stop start and down heathrow over 4 days
bloody speed and average speed cameras tho grrrrr
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Had an eventful rally last weekend, lots of issues but thankfully cured the engine issue by getting a new ECU, not cheap!

Got 5th in class which was disappointing considering we won our class at this rally last year.

Anyway, to summarise, first stage I hit a large jump and sheared a front coilover, got that welded up in service after 2nd stage. 3rd stage an escort was holding us up (so we were on his arse with lights and horn), we got too close and he kicked up a lot of stones and destroyed my windscreen and headlight, as well as putting a hole in the radiator! New radiator in. Then we blew a radiator hose stage 5, probably due to us not getting it bled fully. Thennnnn stage 6 brakes went soft so had to bleed them in service. Stage 8 (final stage) our welds failed on the coilover, but we got to the end. We were very busy.

Look at the angle on the front drivers wheel!

well this kinda sums up what i been doing
only other thing is been looking for another micra for parts and tried to help a bloke with a k11 se who thought k11s service intervals are 20k!
shame cause his se had 41k and excpt wanting a clean looked fairly good
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I've ruined my car 🙁
My '96 1.3GX which runs on LPG.

Needed another 'family car', so it was replaced by a '16 plate Octavia VRS TDI
Ah, didn't know you had 3. I thought it was the white or blue one you were talking about. Good luck with the new machine anyway
My pre-inspection went well, no welding required, a bottle of hammerite k-rust to keep everything black underneath, a cv boot :cool: again!? And the noticeable change in the brake performance was a surprise,, new pads and shoes installed, though it was two mot's ago that the discs, pads and wheel cylinders were renewed and just last year for all the flexi hoses. Roll on mot number 18:). Went with all mintex this time see how they do. My brakes may have to work a bit harder now that I work at the top of a mountain :D. https://www.howmanyleft.co.uk/vehicle/nissan_micra_slx down to 525 ,, numbers are dropping fast
Finally got myself some roof bars! Found a complete used thule kit cheap online, so now the Micra is ready for bikes, skis and surfboards. Also took care of some more nasty heat shield rattle. Thought it was the manifold or catalytic converter heat shields and although they were rusted and loose the culprit was yet another exhaust heat shield clamp under my car. Already replaced two of them but completely missed this last bugger. Now it is as quiet as can be! Also started some grinding for the only major issue left, a nasty hole in the back of my right sill. Gonna just do a quick repair with fibreglass since I don't have a garage to weld in and welding in a shop here in Norway will cost almost as much as I paid for the car... I know this is not the best solution but winter and road salt is coming soon, so gotta close that hole up.