what did you do to your micra today ?

Over the weekend I worked the SR I removed the front bumper and associated parts. The cross member has suspected had been replaced and was in very good condition with only a few spots of surface corrosion. I applied Hammerite Kurust and then several coats of stone chip paint I also cleaned the front bumper inside and out but as normal the leg ends had corroded and need replacing! :-( I also cleaned the windscreen wash reservoir bottle and the plastic sump protectors after all that I'm knackered lol! :-S
Hi can anyone help I need replacement front bumper stays for my 1996 SR if not would 1st or 2nd facelift front bumper stays fit? Here's some pics of them! :-S
Ordered some new front brakes and booked in to get welding done this weekend :)

Ps. I know this is wrong place to post this but if anyone on here knows of a 1.4 that's going cheap Eg. A MOT fail Please let me know as I'll use it as a donor car. ( Need ECU, good running engine etc... ) I've been looking for so long and I'm starting to lose hope :(
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Been looking around and wondering what brand of brakes should I buy for my 2000 1.0 any idea's what's best guys?
Pads or discs or both? I had to change my front pads and Brembo ones from ECP were about £12 with 20% discount code

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Took to Garage Yesterday for new Accessory and water pump Belts, runs like a dream now and no squealing :)

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Well when it decides to stop pissing it down ☔ I'll go removed my rear seats ready for welding tomorrow :)

Also found another hole in my rear axle is this common??
I had to phone up Giveacar.co.uk to donate my W reg Micra to charity :(.

I've had it for years (it was originally owned by my parents) and it's done me proud but failed its MOT in June and has been sat on the road since then. It still starts first time though!

It needs lots of welding doing and it's been in a few low speed accidents (front and rear) and with two children we had to buy a larger and safer car. Feeling sad today though :(
Thinking of selling mine. Passed my practical test on the 17th November. With cheapest black box insurance being £5000 it isn't something that is affordable at the moment.
So unless I win a lottery I'll have to wait until I finish university to pay for my insurance XD

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(This is not my image I live in UK and mine is R/H) woke up this mornng to find quite abit of water sitting in the red circled area. cant see anywhere it looks to have leaked in from anyone got any ideas lol. Car is a 2000 2nd facelift 1.0



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Not a Micra, but I still like to be relevant :p

Someone hit my car in a car park the other week :mad::mad::mad:
£1,200 bill to correct. Scuffed the wheel and removed paint. Wing dented. Leading edge of the door is scuffed too.

Drove mine to Bristol and back cos the BMW is broken. Fun drive, so many slow people on the roads today I was planning overtakes 1/4 mile in advance to get a run up and getting past (safely) where I could!!

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I tried to carbon fibre vinyl wrap my spoiler. Without really knowing anything about how to wrap anything. Other than you need a squeegee and a hair dryer. It didn't go well...

I like the look of it though, probably easier to take it off and do it.
Spent the last couple of days wondering whether to sell the rally car for parts now that I'm building an E36 Compact.... But decided I'd miss the Micra too much.

So I updated my blog with another 3 rallies over overheating.....


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Just popped out to Tescos to get the wife an advent calendar (i know only just in time!), but spotted a bargain in the car care section. 4Ltr bottle of 5w-40 Fully Synth Oil - £13. Ideal at that price, so grabbed all three bottle on the shelf. Got some odd looks at the checkout, but that is a bargain price, given the engine oil is changed after every event. [HASHTAG]#everylittlehelps[/HASHTAG]