What are those cheap SD Card Headunits like?

Hi all,

I've just bought a Civic to share with me and the mrs, and the standard HU is a cassette! So i'm going to upgrade, and can't decide whether these cheap (£30-40) headunits which take SD Cards and USB input sound any good or not?

Has anyone got any experience with them, I'd love to hear what people think of them.

they are good, seeing as i fitted one into my dads car

it has usb and SD

cant realy tell if there is any deteriation in the sound, i dont think there is.

if your on a tight budget then they are brill but if you just dont want to throw money at a sterio you realy should if you like music.



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Well i have to admit getting one for 60-70 quid at halfords may be your best bet if you prefer music and radio as the others do tend to be a little hollow on the bass and a bit tinny.

But up to you, my mate had an sd and usb one in his car and it was brilliant but another guy i know had one in a golf and he threw it out...



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They are the same as the Halfords one just imported so are cheaper. Nothin wrong with the headunit but as shr3k said, no bass. Get a sub and amp and problem solved.
Cheers guys.

I have heard that there is no output to connect a sub and amp, but I'm not sure on that.

My main issue with getting any type of aftermarket head unit for this new car is that its built into the dash and would look a bit stupid to get a non-standard one, even with one of those fascia things.

My other option is to hook up an iPod to the CD changer port, I think a lot cleaner solution....but I can't talk to other Civic owners as there are no forums as good as this one.


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Also, (dont wanna hi-jack the thread) .. how about the £100 ones with a 3.5 inch screen and DVD player all on one Din?? these any good?


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You get what you pay for, 3.5 inches aint tht big, ask any girl...
they are fine if you connect a bigger monitor.