wet petrol?

Hello, back again after a long hiatus

I haven't been driving regularly for some time. The last time I drove my Micra in December I noticed the fuel gauge was inaccurate. The car was driven, then parked warm, when I came back to it 2 hours later it showed I had more fuel than I had previously.

It's parked outdoors not under any shelter. I've not driven it since December and I don't remember when I last bought fuel, so what has been in there has been sitting for a while, and I'm not sure how much is in there because the gauge is lying. I sniffed it, it still smells like petrol :unsure:

What are the chances that when I start it next week the fuel is either wet with water contamination or gunked/gelled up? I'm thinking if I drive it to a petrol station and fill it full, and then drive around for a while and fill it again it may dilute it enough with good fuel that I don't have any issues with blockages? Is this a good idea, is there a better way of doing it?

(There's no battery issues, I thought ahead to sort that out, but neglected everything else)
I'd just try it and see, any gunk would've settled to the bottom of the tank and I'd suggest you are less likely to pick it up there.
I had a patch of bad fuel once and even after draining the tank it still had problems, hesitation and coughing etc, what eventually sorted it was putting a bottle of methylated spirits in the tank, I was dubious at the time but read the bottle and it recommended it for that, the effect was almost instant and no issue since. Although I don't have that car anymore...
Any gunk would end up in your fuel filter anyway which is easy enough to change.
Could just be the fuel gauge, mine isn't that accurate.

Also worth checking the fuel filler pipe. Mud / leaves etc. etc. tends to get stuck up underneath and behind it so they do often corrode and leave holes for #### to get into the tank.