Well I let Ed loose on my car. And the results are.. (in a video, inside this thread)

Davey C

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Its been a while and I now have all my new parts fitted, anyway here are the pics and result, oh and the video.

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Well its a bit of a different post this one, I took my car down to Fusion Motorsport to swap a couple of parts and get the car KPro'd (ECU Remap). First one was the insane noise produced by the BuddyClub ProSpec, I do love it but its too much for me so I'd managed to get my hands on a second hand Mugen Twinloop system and i'm going to give that a go. Next up was to swap the inlet manifold for an RBC.

Well anyway I made a video about the results and i'd love to hear your thoughts. :)

Fusion Sponsored the video so if you enjoy the video please support them.

First up, Base power run

Modifications at this stage are:

Stock Intake
Stock Inlet Manifold
Stock Engine
DC Sports Exhaust Manifold
BuddyClub ProSpec, Cat-back

The dyno we were using was Surrey Rolling Road, its literally over the road from Fusion and also its a proven consistent dyno, important for the testing we planned

We managed 214hp on the first run

We went back to the workshop and removed the BuddyClub exhaust

We swapped this with the Mugen Twinloop

We did another powerrun after this and managed only 207hp, a drop of 7hp

So after this we took the car back to the workshop and fitted a new inlet manifold. The RBC, i'd read good things so I was expecting a lot.

Car was now ready for another power run and achieved 213hp, a gain of 6hp and only a drop of 1hp from when we first arrived.

Then Ed at Fusion set to work on the dyno using the freshly installed KPRO.

Low Speed Mapping

Cam Angle mapping

And finally, High speed mapping

Mapping finished and we managed to achieve 227hp using the new more restrictive exhaust.

As I mentioned above there is a video as well,

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Intake system is next on the list ;)


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Lol nice one dave (hate seeing myself haha)


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so how much would you of been looking at if you had kept the old less restrictive exhaust?
Davey C

Davey C

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Thanks for all the comments, and thanks to Ed for transforming my car (Y)

If i'd kept the buddyclub system i would like to think i would have got back the 7hp i lost, plus a little extra based on the better flowing inlet too.

Maybe 235/240hp

With a decent inlet too I reckon i could have got 245 ish

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Reminds me of Trung, when he has a Buddyclub system on his Civic........he soon went back to a stock backbox because it was insanely loud, especially when the V-Tec switched over o_O. Boy that's a lot of maps........Ed, you're a patient man!

Very nice vid Dave........and very professional Ed ;) Where's the gag-reel Dave hahaha!

I'll be up there in a few weeks delivering the K11 to Ed. Gimme a shout on MSN if you want to attend the mapping of that at Charlie's. I'm sure Mr Ralph can co-ordinate :)