Welding-how hard is it??


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Hiya all.
I really wanna learn to weld as I can see it as a vital skill for looking after your motor.
Whats the best way?? Can you teach yourself?? What's the best type?? Most affordable?? Etc
Easiest and quite affordable is probably mig but needs gas. Arc is in my opinion harder but doesnt need gas but its more for fabricating larger stuff but those modern inverters do really well with thin metals. Then you got tig which requires gas and loads of skill and also can weld aluminium but it costs a lot.
possibly the best for automotive you would be mig and yes you can teach yourself, just watch some youtube vids
As MckenZiecz was saying saying mig welding is the most easiest and cost affective. As Being a welder (apprentice) tig welding does take a lot of practise.

But when it comes to owning one were talking a lot of money. It's a couple hundred for a cheapish machine, about £50 for good helmet, thick wealding gloves a leather apron or jacket. All in all that's about several hundred there it would proberly be cheaper to go to a decent garage and get them to do it for you.

But if you want to learn to weld go for it. It is a good skill to have And mig is the best one to start of to learn

Tig - tungsten inert gas
Mig - metal inert gas


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Thanks guys. Yeah the cost of a mig welder is a bit off putting. What about the arc welding? (the one with the rods) Are the skills for one type transferable to another or are they completely different?
Migs aren't expensive. How much did you think welders cost? Skills do and don't translate at the same time. It's more that you will know what setting to go for with more experience or how the metal behaves.
Arc is ok but don't buy the traditional buzz box. Get one of those DC inverter. The arc is much more stable an it allows you to weld thiner metals. Also auto darkening helmet will make you better welder!
i bought this from china


plasma cutter

havent tried the tig yet as i cant afford the gas. lol
really happy with the inverter though quite a nice welds for arc. was welding a bit to fast as you can see