Hi, New to this forum (Newbie).
Having purchased a CC for the sunny warm weather (we have the sun at least) I am in the process of trying to renew to the external door and rear quarter window seals as they have all bubble/perished at the end. Could anyone please advise where to obtain these items?
try ebay, they have different sizes and profiles for sale, so measure the size and take note of the profile ( the shape of the end of the weather strip) they sell any length once you get the correct measurements, cheaper than Nissan main stealers. :unsure:
Thanks for your reply matey, It seems that the CC has an unusual profile with two fins facing the window. I have measured and looked via ebay its no success at moment, it also has to be bonded to an inner flexible flange on the inside of the door.
Because the seal is not straight any crack in the seal means water finds it way to the bottom point hence blown metal section within the seal.
At the moment I have tried the scrappers (they all suffer from the same problem) and emailed main dealers without success.
Are there any specialists around?
Try this site and look at the diagram to see which part is for replacing, and a part number at the side, using google and the part number this will help to narrow down the manufactures of the seal you require, hope it helps.:unsure:
A big thanks for your time and trouble. The diagrams are a great help. I will give it a shot and give you a progress report.
Theres a guy on facebook, I bought some bits off him and I think he was selling weather seals for a cc,

I bought a radio fascia and window switches from him, he may be able to help you although might not
Hi, thanks for your reply. Appreciate your time and trouble you guys (from an ex-fiat coupe club member ) I have managed to track a new external door window seal (same section) which also needs replacing so I am thinking the old seal can be cut as its longer than the quarter window so with some professional cutting ( ie joinery shop) I can get two for the price of one!!