water pump o-ring dimensions (210492J200)

Hello Everyone,
My water pump is leaking at the junction with the pipe behind it.
Apparently it's just an o-ring to replace and if I am not wrong it's the part labelled 210492J200
Does anyone know this oring dimension please?
I may ask to a Nissan dealer for one but I don't know if they will have to order it, and I would prefer to address that the next weekend ... So if it's an o-ring I already have it would be even better! (apparently an EPDM one would be good for some hot water?)
Thanks in advance!
If i google the part number i find a alternative from MITSUBISHI with the following part number MH035680.
I found some measurements on some sites with it being 22mm inner diameter with a thickness of 3.5mm.
Im not sure if these are correct but this is what i could find. Nissan doesnt list sizes but if i check the pictures it could match up.
Thank you!
After I noticed your answer I looked again and I just found this:

So apparently (from the label),
22.3 ID
29.3 OD
thickness 3.5

(I can't speak Russian but it's writen "22.3*29.3*3.5" and it works: 22.3+3.5*2=29.3)


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