Water leak Micra 1.2 Dig-S 2011

Hi guys!
I have an annoyning water leak on the drivers side (left in Sweden), since a couple of months back. Picture is taken under the steering wheel. When raining heavy, water sips down from somewhere, I cant see exactly where it comes from. Down on the electronics as seen in the picture, last night I had a shortage also...

I have tried to locate the source, but I can´t find it. Has anyone else experienced the same problem?



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Not experienced this, however a common source of water ingress into the cabin is often from blocked drains.

Does you car have a sunroof? If so, there are drains in the sunroof gutter which can get blocked.
Do you have AC? It maybe possible that the condensate drain is blocked/broken/detached?
There are also drain points under the car from the wing area which allow water from the windscreen/scuttle - ensure these run clear.
Hi! Thank’s for your reply!
I don’t have a sunroof. I don’t think it’s blocked ac-drain, because water drips in when raining, when the car is parked and no ac is running.
Hmmm.. I’ve checked the drains, and all of them are fine, from what I can see.
I sealed a point where the windscreen meets the body, it looked a bit worn.
Just hope for rain now, to see if the sealing worked!