*wanted* performance backbox

Got one at blackburn, you after just back box or full exhaust.

£20 for back box or £50 for full lot with both cats? I forget the brand but i can have a look for a pic later on (or it might be in my old blog) :)
This is best pic i can find at the moment , think it was a sportex one, the box shape is large tube with the hump to go over the rear beam, ill pribs be passing tonight to take a better pic. And yeh i can look at getting it posted not sure what they will charge for it tho.

Sorry it didnt want to do attachment lol
Yes Thats what im wanting mate, if you could find out for me I will pay via PayPal asap. Sorry for the late replys, working 14hour shifts so either at work or asleep lol.
Postcode for postage quote is S80 4ER, thanks again :)
Hi mate had a look but a took the wrkng socket out with me, managed to get 1 nut off but the other couldnt manage without currwntly at liverpool so i will grab the socket and get it off on the way back home amd if depot is still open ill call in there too, if i miss it ill have it ready to check tomorow mate if thats ok
Got it off now and its all bubble wrapped up, looking online looks like it will be about £10 for postage if thats ok?

I will check at post office in a little while
Just standard i think, think it is stainless but not like fancy shiney stuff but could see any rust when i took the back box off. Not got any pics but ill be able to get it off tommorow and take one