Wanted for my new, and neglected by former owner, Micra 1.0 LX K11 1993

Hi !

Looking for some stuff, for my "new" car. Former owner did´nt have feelings for it, so it has just recieved the absolute most essentiel care from him. But I like it, and will try to make it a happy Micra again.

So far I´m mostly looking for boring, standard stuff. Here goes :

Rear windshield wiper motor and arm, preferably also with mounting screws. - Got it ! Thanks micra-sr.
Front bumber. Would like one from an S, if it is a bolt-on option.
Front grill
Right/drivers side outside doorgrip. - Got it ! Thanks micra-sr.
Right/drivers side wing/door mirror, or mirror housing. - Got it ! Thanks micra-sr.
Inside rearview mirror - Got it ! Thanks micra-sr.
Haynes manual (book of lies), Nissan Micra K11 93-02
Headlight guards/protection shields for my brand new headlights. - Got it ! Thanks william_sr.

That is what I´m looking for. The moneys are a little tight, for the time being, so can´t guarantee instant buy of all the above items. But let me know, what you´ve got.

Attention : I´m from Denmark, so will need to be posted to Denmark. Also PayPal payment MUCH preferred. (Cost a fortune to make a transfer out of country, through the bank.
got all that here apart from bumper. do you want a standard black plastic outside handle and door mirror. also do you need the bit for the rear view mirror that is bonded to the windscreen? offers on all the above parts. plus postage no idea what it would cost just be a case of going to the post office with the parcel.

micra.sr (#2) - Not to bad, I must say. Black plastic handle and mirror is fine, my scoot is KLO in colour, so unless replacements are KLO, I´ll have to paint anyways. And then it´s easier to paint black plastics, than f.eks flame red. In short, black plastic will do fine. Regardin rearview mirror, I don´t need the little doo-hickey (in danish : dimsedut) bonded to the windscreen.

Now, about the £´s.... "offers on all above parts..." You want me to come with an offer ? Hmm... Just had the Micra for a month, so not really into prices for used stuff. Let alone giving offers on stuff, I have´nt seen... Not easy. What do you want for it ? I´ve also got to consider the postage, which is ?

All - Added a thing to my list in #1, the famous, or infamous, Haynes manual for the Micra K11.